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You were walking the hallways of the large school and on your way to see your boyfriend...... Sasuke Uchiha. Sure he's too full of himself because his father owns a large company, and he can be stubborn sometimes, but he always had a soft spot for you. The two of you had been friends since birth not just friends but best friends. He took a liking to you since you never squealed over him or were just after his money like most of the girls around him. You liked him because even though he would act all tough and cool he would have a soft spot for you and would always somehow show it to you, you didn't care about his money... like others did... you loved him for who he was. Six months ago he confessed to you and ever since then the both of you have been going out together and everyone in the whole school knew that. However the past month was a bit different, he wouldn't call or text that much like he used to. He didn't even remember your sixth month anniversary which was weird since every month he would see you and celebrate it together or if he couldn't make it he would send you a large bouquet of roses with a small card saying 'Happy Anniversary (Y/N), (L/N) ... I love you'. This month he didn't even bother to call or send the roses like he would always do. In school he would sort of try to avoid you whenever he saw you. You thought something might be bothering him or something was wrong with him so you decided it best that you should confront him about it.

You were walking through the halls filled with a bunch of people getting to their classes. You held your math text book and walked through the halls the crowd of people were already gone since the second bell already rung. It was only you in the hallway and you didn't really have a class so you decided that its best to talk to him during lunch since he would most likely be in class. You entered the silent library and walked around searching for a certain book to please you since you were extremely bored. No one was in the library so it was good since you didn't feel like talking to anyone. You walked to one of the last aisles of book shelves and heard a soft moaning sound and a light laughter coming from the back of the room. You walked slowly towards the back not wanting the person to hear you. You regretted your decision once you saw the sight in front of you. Sasuke was shirtless and on top of one of the most popular girls in the school who was only in her stupid pink bra.Their hair was messy and both didn't even notice your presence in front of them.

"Sasuke?" your voice was a bit soft but loud enough to interrupt their 'business'. Their eyes widen since of course didn't expect you to be here. He quickly got off the little smut and looked at you his eyes still in shock. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" your voice echoed throughout the room causing him to flinch a little but not much for you to notice.

"What do you think?" the girl with brown hair with green eyes smirked at you. Tears threaten to fall down from your (E/C) eyes but you held them back not wanting both of them to see you cry. At this point you felt many emotions anger, pain, and sadness.

"You know what Sasuke have fun with your little smut I'm leaving" You walked away from the two 'new couple' leaving them there.

"No wait (Y/N) I can explain... but please just stop." He yelled quickly putting on his shirt and running to catch up to you. He quickly grabbed your wrist once you were by the entrance of the school library. By now almost everyone came out of their classes and were huddled up by the library entrance hearing and looking at the commotion that the two of you were making.

"Explain what? What Sasuke? That you were sleeping with another girl behind my back? I don't need you too explain to me what I saw right there!" You screamed violently tears were now escaping your (E/C) eyes. He stayed silent not knowing what to say but he still held your wrist not wanting to let you go. "H-How long Sasuke? ...... How long w-were you cheating on me?" Your voice was starting to crack each time you let a word out of your mouth.

"About a month ago" He remained silent after he said that. No wonder he wouldn't call or text. Forgetting an anniversary? and then finding out you were being lied to and cheated on for several weeks and not knowing about? Unbelievable.

"You what Sasuke don't EVER talk to me!" You yanked your wrist from his grasp and slapped him hard with the math text book you were carrying in your other hand. It caused him to lose his balance and fall to the ground with a red and purple mark on his cheek. The text book fell down on the floor during the process. You took one last glance at the man you loved and the man you still love after all that and ran out the library, the students who were crowded in the entrance made a path for you to run through. Tears streamed down your sad face as you ran home not caring if you were marked cutting. The only thing you wanted to do was crawl into a hole and just lay there forever. Luckily the no one was at home your parents were at work and wouldn't come until nighttime. You ran to your room and closed it locking it during the process making sure no one came into the room. You lied into your bed and cried into your pillow for several hours at least trying to let go of the pain and sadness that you have in your now broken heart. You heard your phone vibrate you looked at the text.

Sasuke Uchiha <3:
Im sorry please.... give me one more chance and I promise I won't hurt you. Im and idiot and Im sorry. You know how much I love you so please comeback.

You stared at the text. Tempted to have him back and hug him tell him how much you love him and care for him but your mind said otherwise. You texted the poor bastard one last time before deleting his number on your phone.

To Sasuke Uchiha <3:
No Sasuke... leave me alone... if you love me then leave me alone and I'll be able to move on to a better guy.

Throwing your phone onto the other side of the room you faced the ceiling thinking about how bad this day was.
Imagine loving the person you considered your best friend and then being in a relationship. Taking care of him when he was sick and being there for him. Spending those six or five months with the person you loved most and making you feel like crap, like your not worth anything and most of all making you feel......... Unappreciated.
don't know if you guys are interested in a second part for this.
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The heart tho
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Part two where we make him feel like shiz by going out with someone else .......... or at least making him think we are lolz 
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part 2! Part 2!! PART 2!!! *Puss in Boots eyes*
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I actually want to read another part!!!
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What a true woman to not go crawling back to the one who cheated on her.
Saku315 Featured By Owner May 17, 2015
You should add another part where the reader ends up with Naruto and Sasuke realizes what he lost when he succumbed to his urges~ *^*
Melody-lyric Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
that was when you walk out of the library with your head held high and walk out like a boss, then run home crying
chachasanford Featured By Owner May 1, 2015
i would've beat the crap out of that girl  and then slap sasuke !
Maeko14 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 4, 2015
ClapI would have stomped the slut and him! This is a perfect example of why Naruto is better. Oh part two please!!!!
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That little ugh I want to murder him if that happens in real life I would beat both of then
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second one please!!!!!
CarmenBiat Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Student Artist
i want a second one   :D
SilverStarApple Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Professional Writer
She should have asked him to explain.

If he was cheating on her, then he'd have to come up with the kind of epic-level BSery that only Uchiha can create. 
DJDragonLilly Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Photographer
Part two part two part two
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